Sweepstakes - Conditions of Participation

Participation in the sweepstakes assumes agreement with participation conditions. The participant accepts participation conditions when participating in the sweepstakes. Otto Nussbaum GmbH & Co KG retains the right to exclude a participant from the sweepstakes on infringement of the participation conditions.

« SAFETY-KIT SPRINTER Mobil » sweepstakes

Otto Nussbaum GmbH & Co KG awards from 1st December 2015 until 30th April 2016, 5 SPRINTER mobile 3000 lifts to lift owners who confirm installation of the safety kits online or by fax.


Eligible participants are over 18 years old and legal owners of a lift from NUSSBAUM models 2.25 SL & SL E, 2.28 SL & SL E, 2.30 SL & SL E, 2.32 SL & SL E, 2.35 SL & SL E, 2.40 SL & SL E or ATT HYMAX S 2000, 3000, 3200, 3500 and 4000 who have confirmed installation of the safety kit for the SMART LIFT SL or HYMAX S lifts on the website nussbaum-group.de/safety-kit  or by Fax.

Employees and relatives of employees of NUSSBAUM and sales partners and associates of sales partners are ineligible.


One serial number means one entry. Only serial numbers for lift models affected by the update are eligible for participation. Selection criteria are serial numbers given at the NUSSBAUM factory. The award goes to the legal owner of the lift attached to the winning serial number at the time of confirmation of installation. Otto Nussbaum GmbH & Co KG retains the right to check the proper installation of the safety kit and the serial number before awarding the prize to the participant. Legal recourse is excluded.


The award draw takes place at the beginning of the corresponding month. The first draw takes place on 1st January 2016, the last on 1st May 2016. Winners will be contacted by NUSSBAUM by phone.


Otto Nussbaum GmbH & Co KG retains the right to end the sweepstakes at any time without notice, if for technical or legal reasons proper execution cannot be guaranteed.

Legal recourse is excluded.

Data protection Privacy information

Participation in the sweepstakes requires detailed personal information. The participant expressly declares understanding that data transferred to execute the sweepstakes is captured and processed. The participant also declares agreement that the stored email address may be used for the purposes of the sweepstakes by Otto Nussbaum GmbH & Co KG. In the case of revocation the participant is excluded from the sweepstakes.

The input and personal data of the participants used in the course of the competition are exclusively used by Otto Nussbaum GmbH & Co KG for the purposes of executing and processing of the competition, as well as for the delivery of the prizes to any third party (e.g. Postal Services) . 


NUSSBAUM is not liable for undeliverable or late delivery of confirmations of installation.