Which models are affected by the safety update?

The following models are exclusively affected: SMART LIFT 2.25 SL & SL E, 2.28 SL & SL E, 2.30 SL & SL E, 2.32 SL & SL E, 2.35 SL & SL E, 2.40 SL & SL E and HYMAX S 2800, 3000, 3200, 3500 and 4000. Models with a load capacity of 5 tons (2.50 SL and HYMAX S 5000) are NOT affected. Lifts with mechanical lift synchronisation are NOT affected..

How can I tell the difference between a lift with electronic or mechanical lift synchronization?

A lift with electronic lift synchronization features LED directly above the main switch (pictured). If your lift is not equipped with those LED, it is not affected by the safety update.

How do I tell whether the lift nut on my lift is still in good condition?

Take the cover off the lift spindle and check the sealing lacquer (see photo). If the sealing lacquer is broken, the lift must be stopped immediately and the lift nut exchanged by a specialist. In all cases the safety kit must be installed in a timely manner.


  • The affected side of the lift will be approx. 2cm lower

  • When the main carrying nut breaks, it makes a strong noise

  • The lift will also be louder by normal use, since it is working with the metallic nutr

  • When working on the safety metallic nut, the lift will only have 2 tons capacity

  • The lift will have to synchronize very often, since the friction of the metallic nut is higher

Ordering the safety kit

I have resold one or more lifts, but still have one or more in my possession. How do I proceed?

Complete the order form twice. Once for the resold lift(s) and a second time to order the safety kit for the lift(s) still in your possession.

Installation of safety kit

How long does it take to install the safety kit?

A maximum of 15 minutes.

Can I do the installation myself?

Yes, installation is technically simple. You only need standard tools. We have made assembly instructions as a video and PDF available for you here. The safety kit includes installation instructions.

Confirmation of installation

Do I have to confirm the installation of the kit?

We strongly advise you to confirm installation integration on our microsite. Simply enter the serial number of your lift on the microsite and secure your change chance to win one of five SPRINTER Mobil lifts.

Where do I find the serial number on my lift?

The serial number of your lift is found on the lift post, directly next to the main switch. (see photo)